Covesting Token Grows Tenfold In Price During One Month! An Anomaly Or Carefully Executed Plan?


Covesting Is Ranked 3rd In The Global ICO Rating names Covesting as 3rd best ICO currently available. Crucial review points are hype and risk. Covesting has earned a “Very High” mark concerning hype and a very promising “Low” mark when it comes to risk that should be evaluated by the investors.

Why Covesting Is Ahead Of Competitors?

A peer-2-peer digital asset management platform, Covesting stands out as one of the most unique experiences in crypto world. While many platforms focus solely on trading or analysis of potentially profitable investments, Covesting includes these major features and adds more. With more than $6 million earned in investments already, the platform becomes a solid player on the rapidly growing market.

The most exciting thing that Covesting does not require you to be a pro crypto trader or investor to make things work. The platform offers a tracking system where you can see the activity of the most successful traders and mirror their actions to reach the level of the most experienced members of Covesting.

Already an experienced asset manager? Covesting partners will mirror your activity to get more success and you will be rewarded with a share of their gains. Consider it a form of royalties converted into crypto assets.

Beginners can kick start their growth by inviting friends and partners to the platform. Once their invited associates start growing their profile, the person who invited them grows as well. Covesting is a community where everyone can help others in exchange for the percentage of success.

Newsfeed and ongoing technological improvements allow each trader and investor to follow their favorite successful partners to receive the most relevant updates on their activity to see where you can improve your profile as well.

Covesting representatives have created an explanation video with all of the benefits that the platform can offer and here’s what they’ve come up with:

What About The Price?

The price of Covesting (COV) token is currently sitting at $1.27 with 20 million tokens available. Many successful coins in the top 100 in market cap have total supplies under 20 million coins, with the price per token in the double or even triple digits. A great example of an ERC20 token with similar tokenomics is Metal (MTL), which hit exchanges at the price of $1.24, very similar to the cost of COV token now. Metal has a supply of 19.3M currently which is similar to what Covesting will have, and is currently priced at $10.40, a 10x increase in few months!
Covesting will allocate at least 50% of all platform earnings to systematic Buyback and Burn programs. The faster demand grows, the faster the tokens are burnt. While COV’s supply may be 20m now, in just a year or two’s time, the supply will be even lower, which will result in a growth of the valuation of your share. You will have the same, for example, 10,000 COV tokens, but they will be worth much more since the demand will increase with the reduction of number of available tokens.

Those Who Speak About Covesting (Click on the logos to read the article)

Covesting – Revolutionary P2P Asset Management Platform for 
Cryptocurrency Market.”


How Can I Participate in COVESTING ICO?

  1. To get involved in a solid project, here are 3 simple steps:
    To invest in COV tokens you will need to purchase the Ethereum cryptocurrency. There are many methods for purchasing it, you should do your own research, because some methods will work in one country, but are unavailable in others.
  2. To keep your Ethereum and purchased COV tokens you will need a special wallet. We recommend, it’s simple yet reliable. We have prepared instructions there about how to create a wallet and make it ready to receive COV tokens:
  3. Go to the website, click “buy COV tokens now” and make your contribution.

Your best bet would be to invest in COV right now as there is only a limited time left to get the tokens for a reduced price! Depending on how fast you join Covesting, you will get an up to 35% discount for purchasing the tokens. Hurry up while cheaper COV tokens are still left!

Your best bet would be to invest in COV right now as there is only a limited time left to get the tokens for a reduced price! Depending on how fast you join Covesting, you will get an up to 35% discount for purchasing the tokens. Hurry up while cheaper COV tokens are still left!

P.S. Having additional questions or want to know more about how Covesting works? Ask the team members directly here!



  1. I am a trader with 1.5 years of experience and I would never let anyone mirror my actions, before I’ve seen this Covesting ICO.If the reward system for experienced managers really works out, I’m all in. Feels very good to reap the benefits from helping people.

  2. I don’t think I’ve seen an ICO with such a detailed and well-planned white page in a while. Traders always look for legal and financial safety and Covesting provides everything I needed to make an investment.

  3. 20 mil tokens is a very juicy offer. Once the burning process starts, I can see these skyrocket in price. Probably going to stick with this ICO.

  4. This made me reconsider my investments in other ICOs. It was a dumb decision to dive straight in before researching the niche. Could have probably found Covesting earlier.

  5. ICORating valuation speaks a lot. I guess it’s an extensive roadmap along with experienced team members that do the trick. Some even managed to establish a branch of banks in a number of countries. It is highly recommended to read their bios. These people know a lot about finances.

  6. Still can’t make a decision whether to go for more than $10,000 investment or less. The temptation is really high. Anyways, Covesting is the copy-trading crypto platform I was looking for. Can’t wait until the leftover tokens will be burnt.

  7. Got some leftover ETH tokens from the times they were dirt cheap. It seems like it’s a good time to invest in this ICO. Can’t really find the pitfalls of such move. Besides the obvious ones of course.

    • Covesting is legal everywhere where token purchase and trading is legal. Norway is on that list, so you can go ahead. Our officials won’t get in the way.


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