Usually, people do not know what they buy in bright packaging and what actually these products contain. There are a lot of harmful products for human health, and even fresh vegetables could be full of dangerous substances that insensibly destroy our body. The first to suffer is the esophagus, as it “supplies” food to the stomach, and consequently, all the systems of the body get hurt. However, if you know which products are dangerous, you can avoid them.


This substance is used almost for all the food that is not tasty enough, and it irritates receptors on our tongue. MSG is not healthy for living beings in any way, but it also irritates our esophagus, and this is the most dangerous about this.

Read the ingredient list of all the products you buy, and do not put in your shopping cart something that contains MSG. Buy fresh vegetables instead of canned ones; here’s your chance to have the healthy esophagus.

Spicy food

Yes, spicy dishes are delicious, and we find it tasty because it also irritates receptors. However, you don’t keep food in your mouth for a long time; it is kept in your stomach. Of course, the more “aggressive” dishes you consume, the more damage is done to the digestive system.

The esophagus can be hurt even more than the stomach because its walls are not protected with mucous membrane well enough. In addition, spicy meal promotes the production of digestive juice and increases acidity. As soon as these substances get into the esophagus, the damage done to it can be compared to serious burns.

If you are a big fan of spicy dishes, consume garlic instead of Tabasco sauce. Yes, the vegetable also can be harmful to the esophagus, but it is also very healthy for men, so you may use this trick to have a solid boner whenever you want.

Alcoholic beverages

There are many different opinions concerning alcohol and its effect on our bodies; some men believe they can keep their digestive system healthy due to alcohol. To tell the truth, these theories have no basis for existence. For instance, beer increases female hormones in the body. Alcohol is a poison for people, which is harmful to all the systems. The esophagus is the first among digestive organs to be damaged. Ethanol causes the same harm as spicy food – it burns and irritates the walls of the esophagus.

How to protect the esophagus from probable damage?

First of all, do not consume extremely hot or cold food and drinks; salt can be harmful as well because it corrodes the mucous of the digestive organs. In general, make sure that amount of seasoning in your dishes is moderate.

Consume milk and dairy products; they neutralize the acid and internal burns of the esophagus. In addition, they can make a real miracle with a delicate issue of your body; yes, this helps to get a solid boner at home. Learn how to keep your esophagus and digestive system not harmed. However, some people do not like milk and do not feel well after the consumption of dairy products; it can be explained with lactose intolerance. In this case, it will not bring any benefit. So first of all, listen to your body. If you feel comfortable after some meal, then your stomach and esophagus also “like” it. However, burning and pain in the chest area and in the hypochondrium signal that you have to change your eating habits.

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