kasko2go is an innovative, digital, smartphone-based, comprehensive collision insurance solution on demand, that offers an individual approach to every client through the analysis of driver’s behavior, selected routes, accident rate, weather conditions and other characteristics. kasko2go is a product where you pay as you go. There is no payment for the period when the car is not used. The insurance coverage is per minute, kilometer or day. It is easy to subscribe to and convenient to use. The mobile App is free and there is no additional equipment needed. The services are online, accessible through the App.

Our product is a part of the fast developing ‘Usage-based Insurance’ (UBI) industry, that builds on well- accepted key world automotive industry trends – including

  • ●  Rapidly increasing car usage time in major metropolitan areas, which transforms cars in profit centres, as opposed to cost centre for every household, 
  • ●  Fast developing smart insurance market, uber-insurance and uber-like services market, 
  • ●  Increased driving safety, in-vehicle access to information services, rapidly expanding market for value-added services and 
  • ●  True usage based pricing. 
  • Digital technology makes insurance ‘smart’: 
    1. ●  Telematics, navigation, and big data technologies enable precise profiling of insurance clients based on driving quality/style, weather/road/vehicle conditions, location and drivers’ social conformity, 
    2. ●  Risks can be managed through individual adjustment of insurance premium to the profile of each particular customer, 
    3. ●  Such profiling allows to determine a fair tariff / insurance rate for each client and of risk optimization for the insurer. We are all different, we should not pay the same and 
    4. ●  Creates a ‘smart’ purpose-based customer interactivity and building of relationship. 
  • How does it work?

    Amongst the advantages for insurance companies are 

    1. ●  Better risk management and control, 
    2. ●  Increase of customer base via attracting new, low-risk customers with personalized pay-as- you-go offers, 
    3. ●  Lower claims losses – up to 30% reduction compared to insurers offering traditional solutions, 
    4. ●  Improved fraud analysis, 
    5. ●  Fraud detection and cost of fraud (reduced claims handling cost – up to 55% reduction), 
    6. ●  Better interactivity and communication with customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.




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